Internationally Accredited Training Courses by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA)

Welcome to Scholistico, your one-stop destination for globally recognized training courses in the health and wellness niche. Our courses are accredited by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA), a leading independent professional accreditation board. In this page, we will elaborate on the significance of CMA accreditation and how it can benefit our customers.

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What is CMA

CMA (Complementary Medical Association) is a trusted certifying body for alternative therapists, practitioners, healers, beauticians, and training providers. If you come across the CMA Trustmark, you can be confident that the person or organization you are working with follows best practices and maintains high standards.

Benefits of CMA Accreditation

By choosing Scholistico’s CMA-accredited courses, you can enjoy not just premium quality training but also several other benefits that come with CMA accreditation. These benefits include:

  • An easy and cost-effective certification process
  • Professional recognition that assures clients of the quality of your services
  • A dedicated CMA profile page to expand your reach and attract more clients
  • Low cost insurance discounts to secure your practice
  • Monthly advertising opportunities to promote your services
  • Access to a vast community of professional therapists

How to become CMA certified

Becoming certified by the CMA is a straightforward process. Simply fill out the online application form to apply for CMA membership. The CMA board will review your application and get back to you with any further questions. If your application meets the board’s criteria, you will be notified and become a certified CMA member.


At Scholistico, we prioritize quality and trust in the health and wellness industry. This is why we have chosen to offer CMA-accredited courses to our customers, providing them with professional recognition and top-notch training. By getting certified by the CMA, you can join a community of leading professional therapists and reap the numerous benefits that come with it. Invest in your future and become CMA certified today.